06 Aug // undressed to impress

The word awkward is one of the most overused words there is, but it's so often watered down when applied to situations far from it. It's only when faced with an encounter that truly embodies the meaning that you realise just how overused it is.

Such a situation presented itself on my hungover Sunday when, thinking I was safely locked in the bathroom, had got down to my underwear and was about to get in the shower. Split seconds from disaster was the exact moment I learned the lock on my new flat's bathroom is less than functional. My new flatmate copped an eyeful. I squealed like a girl and he pretty much screamed in fright. Goddamn, it was awkward.

Although he told me that the lock did work and that I just didn't push it in properly, and despite the fact he told me our encounter made his day, might I suggest some slightly more conventional ways to impress your housemates, as polite alternatives to a face full of cleavage in pink lacey underwear.

Spicy beef wraps which are simply supermarket wraps, crisp iceberg lettuce, avocado, beef strips fried in salt, pepper, chilli flakes, garlic and cumin powder, along with some fresh coriander and the dressing and the cauliflower (without the chickpeas) from the other day. Yum.

A cup of tea after dinner or a beer after work. Both good options and always well received, plus I'm pretty much nearly over my mug snobbery which helps. Nearly.

Chocolate chip cookies hot out of the oven, which were yesterday's afternoon project. It took me an overdue session of creaming butter and sugar to calm myself down and get over the horror of the early afternoon's events. I used this recipe but omitted the peanut slabs. I instead used copious amounts of dark chocolate chunks, and added some cocoa powder for double chocolatey goodness. I also doubled the recipe, and they were all gone by the morning.

Less awkward bathroom encounters and more delicious dinners and beers and cookies and cups of tea make for a happy home indeed.