27 Jul // cocktail hour

It's always a good sign when a midweek 'after work drink' to discuss the planning of a friend's leaving party finishes at 1am with the planning of full scale events (watch this space). After some entertaining emails about why we couldn't go to the new Verona (a bad experience involving an unhinged ex and some nos canisters, apparently) we decided on Coco's Baretta, the former Mister Morning and right next door to Coco's Cantina on K Rd. I've been bemoaning Auckland's lack on straightforward bars which stock craft beer, and the baretta fits the bill.  

I forgave them for their 'ipod on random' music, although my friend was a lot less forgiving when Blindspott came on. I was very happy to see their brief Italian cocktail list featured the Negroni, a wonderfully bitter and strong cocktail, perfect for winter. As I waited at the bar it took me back to Wellington's Matterhorn, and their giant tennis balls of ice, and their expertly burnt orange peel, and that time I dropped one down my friend's pants. The negronis at Coco's are a little less refined, but delicious nonetheless. Ours lead us right next door once the crowd had cleared, and straight to a table where we yarned over bloody great food until it closed. 

Rug up warm on these rainy winter days and start your night with a negroni or two, you never know where you might end up.

A Negroni is simply equal parts of gin, sweet vermouth and campari, with a slice of orange. 

Coco's Baretta 374 Karangahape Rd, Auckland