09 Jul // saturdays lately...

...have involved one or all or any of the following...

scrambled eggs on vogels, with relish of some sort, and parmesan, and maybe italian parsley, or some rocket, and cracked pepper. can't. get. enough.


coffees from maybe aro cafe. or alongside an oaty slice at deluxe. or at Milk Crate, where it's attached to a secondhand bookshop, where my friend Hannah works, where you can sit for ages and read the paper, or laugh at books of arty photos of cool people's houses. A couple of Saturdays ago I went to Lamason for the first time. It felt like we were in Melbourne, what with the cute little industrial lane and the adorable outside tables. We tried the siphon filter thingee though, and at the risk of sounding uncool and uncultured, it kinda just tasted like plunger. They do normal espresso, and next time I'd totally just go with that.


crumpets sometimes, with golden syrup. 


snacks for dinner and a little too much double brown for my liking.


exercise of some sort, and sometimes a walk on the beach


mancala, (it's an ancient african strategy game) beer pong, or maybe funnels. All things I thought I'd kissed goodbye upon graduation, but was briefly and temporarily pleasantly surprised to reintroduce into my life.    


My friend Nicc's beautiful supper club book, goss swaps, plunger coffee and exciting food planning in the sunny kitchen. Nail painting optional. 


life is good...