01 May // The Royal Wedding - Part One

The bunting was up, and the projector was ready. A last minute costume change occurred thanks to a couple of masks arriving from London, courtesy of my sister. No less than 5 friends purchased wedding dresses on Trade Me, one receiving a note wishing her all the best for her big day. Prince Harry and a Monk (guests who arrived early) were entrusted with the all-important task of making the cucumber sandwiches, under strict supervision of course. In my flurry of excitement I forgot to instruct them to salt the cucumber before lidding the sandwiches - a rookie error on my part. It didn't really matter though; food took a back seat at our Royal Wedding party in lieu of Pimms, confetti and ogling the dress


One bride made her own wedding cake, complete with the Bride and Groom atop. I'd managed to whip up a meringue tower earlier in the afternoon, which got devoured throughout the night. There were mini grainy toasts with smoked salmon and cream cheese, and as the night wore on one guest took charge of the kitchen and rolled out no less than 100 sausage rolls. The Amazing Travelling Photobooth came along, but more about that in Part Two.

Most guests were engrossed with the wedding itself, and were glued to it beamed up on the wall. There were squeals, and sighs, and cries of "it should have been me!" The invitation had stipulated that debaucherous wedding behaviour was encouraged, and like any good wedding party there were shenanigans a-plenty. Cream was flicked on faces, bouquets and cake were thrown, private parties of drinking games emerged downstairs, the chavs got heavy on the bloody marys outside. Union Jacks hung down the front of the house, and Margaret Thatcher sat alongside an Archbishop and many a polo-playing countryman. The Queen managed to spill red wine from a tea cup all down her pastel pink two-piece suit, but security guards managed to keep most guests under control. Once all the Pimms was gone a dance floor sort of appeared. One Princess Di kissed both a Knight and a member of the papparazzi, whilst another was too busy scaring people off as a ghost. Elton John got a corgi and a real life bouquet in the photobooth, and Kate Middleton cheekily pashed a random wedding guest in a terribly trashy suit. There were military men, flower girls and guests in dresses from every era. It was nothing short of amazing.


(Part Two to follow shortly, along with the rest of the weekend, and maybe a recipe or two, just for good measure. This is a food blog after all.)