05 May // The Royal Wedding - Part deux

Many distinguished guests made it to the party to celebrate the wedding of the century. I'd heard wind earlier in the week that a certain male contingent weren't going to play dress-up, which was met with quite the wrath over what was supposed to be a relaxing Easter brunch. Most boys and girls in attendance did manage to come to the party costume-wise. Highlights included beige pants tucked into knee high tanned socks, a red bow tie and top hat, a perfect fitting tweed jacket, and lots of Military. There was also an entertaining Prince Charles, Patsy and Eddy from Ab Fab, bridesmaids in lavender and plenty of wedding guests who simply dressed nice for the occasion it was. One of my favourite friends came down from Auckland especially as a surprise, and others travelled too, which was impressive dedication. The effort was appreciated not only by the hosts, but also by the Amazing Travelling Photobooth.

The Photobooth is in fact, a magic memory making machine. People get behind that silvery satin curtain and crazy things happen. Things that would simply not happen if replaced by a camera-yielding person. The kissing of people you've just met for example. It encourages enthusiasm, creativity and good old fashioned wedding-appropriate shenanigans. It's where couples are formed, dreams are made - no, wait, I'm kidding, that's probably taking it a bit far, but: it is a LOT OF FUN. We had one at my sister's wedding, and not only do guests get to take home a little keepsake of the event, the hosts get to keep one too. My friend Dion is the Man behind The Booth and comes highly recommended from yours truly. He runs a slick operation in the management of drunk party guests, and he's also a great brunch companion. The photos speak for themselves. Thanks Dion! (contact details here)

And so, it has been nearly a week since Kate and Wills tied the knot in event of the century and it has been such a week I fear my life may never be the same. Mainly because, courtesy of my flatmate, I have welcomed into my life Bikram yoga. I was dragged along on Monday night, very much still recovering, to endure 90 minutes at 32 degrees of stretching and sweating - it really was quite the experience. I've also been finalising my Good Morning recipes for Tuesday - watch out for the mini gingerbread loaves with lime glaze: said-flatmate took the test-run to her colleagues this morning and I was forthwith showered with love and affection via email. 

And currently on the to-do list? Blog the last of my Auckland encounter, including a sassy apple tart, and make treats for both a work morning tea and a Saturday ladies' lunch. In the meantime I'll leave you with a select few from the photobooth. Congratulations Wills and Kate. The wedding is over, let the honeymoon begin!